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  • Nervigesic 300mg

    Nervigesic 300mg


    What is Nervigesic 300mg? How to take Nervigesic 300mg? How long does Nervigesic 300mg? How to Use Nervigesic 300mg? How does Nervigesic 300mg work? Benefits of Nervigesic Tablet Side Effects of Nervigesic 300mg Common side effects Serious side effects Dosage of  Nervigesic 300mg Miss dose Nervigesic 300mg  Overdose Nervigesic 300mg How long should I take…

  • Nervisign 300mg

    Nervisign 300mg

  • Nervismart 450 mg

    Nervismart 450mg


    Nervismart 450mg Nervismart comes in tablet and solution form. To keep control of seizures, pain due to nerve damage consumes Nervismart. Its 450mg of dose helps to cure pain or get relief towards them easily. On the other side, the pain of postherpetic neuralgia is also treated with Pregabalin. Nervismart contains Pregabalin which works together to…

  • Neuro Seliron 300mg


    What is Neuro Seliron (Pregabalin) 300mg? What exactly is Neuro Seliron 300mg function? Guidelines on Dosages Overdose Similar to what we said earlier, an excessive dose of pregabalin from generic sources can cause adverse consequences. The more you overdose, the greater the chance of experiencing severe adverse unwanted side negative effects. It is important to…

  • Pain O Soma 350

    Pain O Soma 350mg


    What is Pain o soma 350? Pain o soma 350 contains soma which is a muscle relaxant for the different age groups. The medicine is consumed best during the discomfort with the acute pain that resides within the different parts of the body.  It works by blocking the sensation between nerves and pain. Carisoprodol enables…

  • Pain O Soma 500

    Pain O Soma 500mg


    Overview of Pain o soma 500mg? For patients who have the signs or the symptoms of musculoskeletal pain then Pain o soma 500mg is the best-suited medicine to be consumed. It has helped thousands of people to uncover the benefits of pain that rise within the body. Pain is the occurrence of either some surgeries or also…

  • Pentanerv 100mg

    Pentanerv 100mg

  • Pentanerv 300mg

    Pentanerv 300mg

  • Pentanerv SR 450mg

    Pentanerv SR 450mg

  • Pentoxifylline 400mg

    Pentoxifylline 400mg

  • PREBASUN 300

    PREBASUN 300


    Prebasun 300 is an oral tablet that helps to cure pain caused in nerves either due to infection, spinal cord injury, or shingles. Besides this, it works best for fibromyalgia. It can also be used be other medicines as well as medications and cures to the type of seizures. Prebasun 300 has got the best rating among…

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    Pregabalin 450mg

  • Pregalin 75

    Pregalin 75mg

  • Pregarica 150mg

    Pregarica 150mg


    What is Pregarica (Pregabalin 150mg ) 150mg? Pregarica 150mg of dose which comes in oral dose. This means it is easier to take and secure your problem. But with what benefits does Pregarica 150mg comes? it is the medicines that secure pain originating from neuropathic, chronic. It means the pain developed from the damaged nerves….

  • Pregarica 75mg

    Pregarica 75mg


    What is Pregarica (Pregabalin) 75mg? Often we all undergo pain that is caused due to the damage to nerves. This is the case where the role of Pregarica 75mg Pregabalin comes into play. It is an oral dose and comes in a capsule which helps in achieving relief due to the pain caused by nerves….

  • Prosoma 350mg

    Prosoma 350mg


    What is Prosoma 350mg? Prosoma 350mg or also known by its name Carisoprodol is a super fast oral tablet for pain relief. The pain occurs due to the stretching of muscles, either due to some injuries that happened in the early days or long years back.  Prosoma 350mg is the best medicine that works against unwanted…