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  • Aspadol 100mg

    Aspadol 100mg


    What is Aspadol 100mg? Mild to severe acute pain changes the entire functioning of the body and also the mental state. This might be the case with you as well at some moment. But did you respond with the right cure? This is more important as things go worse when you do not take care…

  • biosugarnil

    Biosuganril (Serratiopeptidase)

  • Brufen 200mg

    Brufen 200mg (Ibuprofen)


    What is Brufen 200mg? Brufen 200 comes in the category of analgesics. The doctor prescribes this oral medicine for fever, pain in periods, and mild arthritis. How to take Brufen 200mg? It can be consumed with food. Don’t take medicine empty stomach as your stomach can get upset. You must start taking Ibuprofen 200mg with…

  • brufen 400

    Brufen 400mg (Ibuprofen)


    About Brufen 400mg Brufen 400 comes under the category of NSAIDs. NSAIDs are called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. This medicine is given in severe to mild pain, fever and inflammation. It can also be given to children above 6 months. You can also take this medicine in different conditions and in pain. Such as headache, migraine,…

  • brufen 600

    Brufen 600mg (Ibuprofen)


    About Brufen 600mg Brufen 600 has Ibuprofen as active ingredient and is used as an analgesic. It can be consumed for various ailments such as sprains, muscle pains, rheumatoid arthritis, and strains.  It comes under the category of NSAIDs that are taken in inflammation and pain. What is Brufen 600mg (Ibuprofen)? Brufen 600 mg is…

  • Carisoprodol 350mg

    Carisoprodol 350mg

  • Carisoprodol 500mg

    Carisoprodol 500mg

  • Cobix 200mg

    Cobix 200mg


    About Cobix 200mg Pain and swelling in the muscles are best treated with Cobix 200mg. The medicine is best suited for individuals who often suffer from pain in their muscles. The main benefit of the Cobix 200mg is for the treatment of Ankylosing spondylitis Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Cervical spondylitis Menstrual pain Primary dysmenorrhea Men, women,…

  • etova 400

    Etova 400mg (Etodolac)


    What is Etova 400mg (Etodolac)? Etova 400mg is the oral dose that helps in relieving pain in muscles. It works easier for individuals to get sorted their life. It contains Etodolac that ensures people can easily get relief from unwanted pain in muscles. Different conditions can be easily treated with Etova. Osteoarthritis It is known…

  • Fastum Gel

    Fastum Gel 30g


    Discussion about Fastum Gel 30g Fastum Gel is an analgesic that is used for treating soft tissue injury pain, sprains, and strains. The doctor can also ask you to use it for inflammation and pain in muscles or bones. It must be used externally. What is Fastum Gel 30g (Ketoprofen)? It contains an active ingredient…

  • Flexura 400mg

    Flexura 400mg


    What is Flexura 400? Flexura 400 is the oral dose that is known as a muscles relaxant. Severe to mild, muscles pain if not treated turns into discomfort. At some point, it can later become uneasy to deal with. In this condition, Flexura D (Metaxalone) is the required medicine. After it is consumed it starts…

  • Gabantin 100mg

    Gabantin 100mg


    About Gabantin 100mg Gabantin 100mg is a dose of the generic Gabapentin family of pills. it is one of the smallest ever doses in the family that is ideal as a test dose to find out whether you can suit the intake of generic Gabapentin doses. What is the Gabantin 100mg? Gabantin 100mg is a…

  • Gabantin 300mg

    Gabantin 300mg


    About Gabantin 300mg  Gabantin 300mg is the medicine used within individuals who face pain due to nerve damage. There are many conditions with which it is associated like- diabetes, spinal cord injury, or shingles The actual requirement for the intake of the medicine is for Cure of neuropathic pain Therefore it is taken easily in…

  • Gabantin 400mg

    Gabantin 400mg

  • Gabantin Forte Tablet 300 + 500mg

    Gabantin Forte Tablet 300 + 500mg

  • Gabantin NT

    Gabantin-NT Tablet 400+10mg


    About Gabantin-NT Tablet 400+10mg Gabantin NT 400 is known as an oral medicine used for the treatment of seizures. It comes in tablets, oral and even oral solutions. The main use of Gabantin NT Tablet 400+10mg lies within the Different pains (stabbing and even burning sensation) This includes the burning, stabbing pain. Or certain types…