Confirmation of order

At the time you have selected your desired medicine and placed an order you will get a confirmation email. This will be directed from PillsPalace to ensure that we have accepted your order. Later on within 24 hours, we ensure that you receive confirmation about your order processing. Further if by chance we are unable to fulfill your requirements then we will notify you.

Shipping notification

Once your order has been confirmed we ensure to ship your product on that particular day. In turn, you will get an email along with the shipping number and other tracking details. In this way, our clients can easily track orders easily by being at home.

We ship the order as per your desired location. Further, we also charge a desired shipping fee that is around $12. We deliver all products safely and in a secure manner. Hence we take utmost care of what your order and deliver the one in good condition.

PO Boxes And APO Address

We do undertake PO boxes and APO addresses into consideration. Our team of experts manages to ship your product to the address mentioned. Once you have registered with us you can save your shipping address and in this way, it becomes easier to ship your order.

Custom Information

We deliver different healthcare medicine across different locations. But it might take some time to get the package off from custom duty.

So we recommend you always take a margin of 1-2 days to get your desired medicine. In this case, if you do not get your parcel then you can track your order and also contact us.

Delivery Timing

Our delivery time is around 24-48 hours and delivery time is based on what location you are from. However, our delivery days are around 7 days and in turn, ensure to place your order by keeping the delivery timings in mind.

Lost Orders And Shipment Details

When it comes to lost order and shipment details query then it might take around 8 weeks. This is the case where it might take some time to process the entire details and then give you the definite details.

Although we ensure to deliver the order to the address you mentioned. Hence there are fewer chances to get the package lost. But even if your order gets lost then at first we inquire about the address you saved with us and then process details.

Return And Refunds

PillsPalace is the online pharmacy that ensures to delivery of different healthcare medicines. We deliver FDA-approved medicine and in turn, can gain customer satisfaction.

Further our refund and return policy works in the case if

  • You have got a damaged parcel
  • You have got the medicine other than you ordered
  • If there is a less quantity as per your requested order.
  • Different such cases might take place when you are placing an order. In turn, you can also connect with our customer support. We ensure to take your request and immediately start with the processing.
  • When it comes to refunding of return policy we also check whether the product is not damaged (that is delivered to us) it is in the same condition and has not been altered. We later initiate the request as per your requirement within 3-4 business days.