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  • Cernos 40mg

    Cernos 40mg Soft Gelatin Capsule


    Cernos 40mg Soft Gelatin Capsule is an anti-hypergonadism medication for men having low-level testosterone and some medical problems. These Cernos capsules help in restoring the levels of testosterone in men’s bodies. For getting better results, daily use is suggested. Your doctor will recommend you the required amount of the medication after knowing the reason for…

  • Cernos Depot 1000mg Injection

    Cernos Depot 1000mg Injection


    Cernos Depot 1000mg Injection is an intravenously administered medicine that addresses the male deficiency hormone and hormone secretion issues and blood disorders that are inherited such as male hormone deficiencies, Aids-related muscle wasting, ageing and Delayed Puberty, Impotence, and other hormone imbalances. It is composed of Testosterone in its active component. It is recommended that…

  • Cernos Gel 1%w/w

    Cernos Gel 1%w/w


    Cernos gel is made up of testosterone, which is part of the class of androgens medications. Testosterone, being a male sex hormone in men, is responsible for the sex organ’s development. It is essential for the proper development of development and puberty in secondary organs of sex. Cernos gel is ideal for those with low…

  • Testoheal 40mg

    Testoheal 40 mg