Modafinil for Schizophrenia

Can I use Modafinil for Schizophrenia?

Modafinil is an agonist of the central nervous system (CNS) Eugeroic that enhances cortical catecholamine levels. It also indirectly increases cerebral serotonin orexin, glutamate, and histamine levels. Additionally, it reduces cerebral gamma-aminobutyric acid levels. It is used for its ability to enhance wakefulness; for patients with narcolepsy, it’s an effective treatment for The most serious sleep disorders. Can I use Modafinil for Schizophrenia?


Modafinil is prescribed to treat excessive sleepiness among adults suffering from condition narcolepsy. It can be used including cataplexy. It is a possibility for treating excessive daytime sleepiness among people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease. In contrast to other CNS drugs, modafinil is a drug with an extremely low risk of dependence and has a minimal side effect impact.

For healthy people who are not sleep-deprived, modafinil has the potential to improve the ability to focus, executive functions as well as learn. Moreover, there are lower chances of getting side effects and mood fluctuations. Modafinil can improve task satisfaction and enhance performance in cognitive tests that test working memory and planning for healthy people who are not sleep deprived. Modafinil (Modalert 200 Australia) also helps to maintain wakefulness as well as executive and memory functions in healthy, sleep-deprived people.


For many with schizophrenia, antipsychotic drugs have decreased the burden of the disorder and disabilities due to the positive manifestations (e.g. hallucinations and delusions) However, they aren’t effective in reducing negative symptoms.

However, negative symptoms (e.g. affective flattening, alogia anhedonia, asociality, avolition, cognitive impairment, and other problems associated with cognitive impairment) caused by the condition and the sedative effects of antipsychotic medications are a problem for many.

Research suggests that negative symptoms are more likely to contribute to diminished quality of life and low performance than positive ones. All these issues will have an adverse impact on rehabilitation and therapy effectiveness.

Cognitive impairment can be a major characteristic of schizophrenia. It is present even during symptomatic remissions, and cognitive impairment is a predictor of the outcome of a patient with chronic schizophrenia.

The processing speed of schizophrenia fluid intelligence and performance is reduced, affecting negatively the functioning necessary for adaptive behavior. There have been arguments made about the importance of thinking about schizophrenia from the standpoint of treatment as a cognitive illness.

Modafinil and Schizophrenia

A systematic examination of modafinil’s effects on emotions and cognition in patients with schizophrenia revealed that modafinil enhances cognitive function by enhancing pro-mnemonics and problem-solving enhancements, and also improves emotional processing. Examining the evidence reported in subsequence to this review supports these findings.

Research reviews have concluded that the improvement in cognitive function induced by (Modalert) modafinil can be beneficial to more general aspects of a patient’s life such as health and well-being. When neuroimaging was used in studies, modafinil produced an increased activation of the anterior cerebellar cortex as well as the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Modafinil has been shown to increase subjective well-being and nurse-rated therapeutic improvement (cooperation and irritability, psychosis, personal neatness psychotic depression social competence, and social interest) for people suffering from schizophrenia. But, the results were based on an RCT of a smaller size.

Effects of Modafinil on Schizophrenia

A comprehensive review of the effects of modafinil on schizophrenia-related negative symptoms found modafinil can reduce negative symptoms in a subset of schizophrenia sufferers. The review also revealed that modafinil’s safety is tolerated, and doesn’t cause any harm to other symptom dimensions. Additionally, a placebo-controlled RCT concluded modafinil is effective in decreasing inhibition deficits.

Modafinil, a drug in a study, has a positive effect on PANSS both negative and total scores. In this study, however, the number of participants was low (23 drugs vs. 23 control) and the researchers concluded that bigger controlled trials are required before recommendations for general clinical use are made. The systematic study of the psychostimulants used that combat the negative symptoms of schizophrenia concluded that large controlled studies to evaluate the effect of psychostimulants within distinct schizophrenia patients are required.

There are also other positive effects that modafinil may have. A single (12 drug vs. 12-placebo) RCT found improved parkinsonian symptoms in schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. In addition, by reducing appetite, modafinil was observed to lower food intake for healthy people. It could also help to counteract weight gain caused by antipsychotics, which can cause an increase in appetite.

Modafinil isn’t completely safe when it is used in conjunction with those who have a diagnosis of schizophrenia. There are cases reported of increased symptoms. You can deal with all these with some other medications like Modalert 200 mg, Artvigil 150 mg, and Waklert 150 mg which you can buy from Pillspalace.

Can schizophrenics take modafinil?

Recent studies on animals healthy adults, as well as adults with neurological and psychiatric disorders, have shown that modafinil enhances prefrontal cognitive function. This indicates the possibility that modafinil is the most promising possibility for treating cognitive impairment in schizophrenia.

Can I take modafinil and armodafinil together?

Armodafinil along with modafinil isn’t usually grouped together. Both have similar active ingredients. Combining armodafinil and modafinil could increase the chance of adverse reactions.

Can you take modafinil with antipsychotics?

Significant positive results can be seen in cognitive functioning with a single dose when modafinil is suggested for antipsychotic patients with schizophrenia.

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