How to maintain Erections for 30 Minutes?

However you decide to ask the question, erectile dysfunction is among the most searched for topics online today.

The positive side is that if you’re among thirty million males living in the United States affected by regularly happening ED there are a variety of options available such as the groundbreaking treatment, which has assisted hundreds of thousands of men to recover their sexual function swiftly easily, without pain and with ease.

Erection disorder is a medical condition that is generally diagnosed by a physician and is characterized by regularly experiencing difficulty in maintaining and getting an erection that is strong enough to allow orgasm and sex.

Laboratory tests can usually identify the root cause of this malfunction however, for those who are affected, the issues turn into

What should I be doing to remedy my erection loss and how can I ensure longer-lasting Erections?

To fully comprehend and tackle ED issues, it’s worthwhile to spend some time discussing the reasons for erections as well as the root causes of erectile dysfunction, and what are ED treatments currently available.

What causes an erection?

To comprehend how erections happen is to be aware of how the penis works as well as the six key areas that directly influence the election process and orgasms.

Of all of them, the cavernosa corpora are the ones most responsible for the erections it produces.

Erections are triggered when blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa are opened and start filling with blood. The amount of blood inside the cavernosa expands as does the pressure. A specific membrane known as the tunica albuginea located inside the shaft is able to trap the blood in the penis. This process fills the penile shaft with blood, which is then able to sustain and create a Long and Hard erection.

Erections can be achieved via physical stimulation by itself. They usually require some sort of mental and/or physical stimulation in order to achieve success.

A longer-lasting erection

An excellent erection is vital for satisfying sex. A lot of men attempt to keep their erection as long as they can however, not all of them succeed. “Keeping the erections going” isn’t easy at times, but it isn’t surprising considering that the erections are easy to control. But how long will an average erection last? And what are you able to do to make it last longer?

Average duration

The typical erection lasts 30 to 45 minutes starting when the penis becomes fully hard. Some men can keep an erection going for up to an hour however that is uncommon. After getting the orgasm, the penis will start softening and will take some time to get back its original stiffness.

How to extend your erection

There are several ways to maintain an erection that lasts longer:

  • Excellent foreplay

The time you spend enjoying play can increase the length of your sexual experience. It allows your penis to warm up before reaching maximum power. A minimum of 15 minutes of foreplay is a great way to keep your erection going while also enhancing your sexual experience overall with greater excitement and excitement.

  • Don’t smoke

Tobacco smoke’s chemicals can affect the circulation of your body, which may cause a decline in the circulation of penis blood. Nicotine makes blood vessels contract which prevents enough blood flow to sustain an erection from reaching the erectile tissue within the penis. Smoking less is more beneficial for your arteries and veins… and also to prolong the time of erection.

  • Exercise regularly

Sexual sex can be a strenuous sport that requires a strong body. Training improves your physical health and improves your ability to maintain a sexual erection. It is also beneficial for your lungs and heart, which increases the amount that oxygen is present in the blood.

  • Testosterone

The male hormone is responsible for regulating your sexual desire (sex sexual drive) and also your erections. The power training you do can boost testosterone production and has positive effects when you want to keep a sexual erection. A toned and well-fit body can boost your confidence. When your testosterone level is low, take supplements to boost your levels.

Foods that increase the erections

Certain foods may help you get better sexual erections! Certain foods can increase the flowing of liquid to the penis and its circulation to the genital area while others enhance the quality and quantity of your sperm. They increase levels of the essential hormones, increase your sexual libido, and provide you with more energy.


Bananas are rich in potassium, an essential mineral for circulation and your heart, and also help in lowering blood pressure and keeping sodium (salt) levels in check. They also contain bromelain’s enzyme, which is believed to boost the amount of libido you have.


Pistachios are thought of as having a beneficial impact on sexual erections. Research has revealed that various kinds of nuts can provide effective solutions for mild cases of impotence. For instance, walnuts, as well as almonds, are rich in essential fatty acids, which boost the production of testosterone in the body.

Wine red

In tiny amounts the in small amounts, red wine can dilate (widens) the blood vessels, keeping them healthy. The component responsible for this effect is antioxidant Resveratrol. It is important to not drink excessively, however,  a bottle of wine every day is sufficient, however drinking excessive amounts of any kind of alcohol won’t aid in maintaining a sexual erection.


Salmon being rich in omega-3 fatty acids help in improving blood flow to the penis along with other parts of the body. Particularly, they help make sure that the blood is not too thick to ensure that it flows easily. Eat salmon, or any other fish that are fatty like mackerel or tuna fresh, at least twice every week.

Hot peppers

Chilis and hot peppers, in general, are beneficial for circulation because they dilate blood vessels which is why they are beneficial in maintaining an erection.


The caffeine in coffee can have an impact on the flow of blood through your body. It also increases stamina, helps you maintain an erection for a longer period of time.


While not the best choice in intimate relationships, garlic can boost the flow of the penis with blood. It is a source of allicin that keeps the blood thinner. Onions can have the same impact.


Various forms of ED medications are available that help in increasing blood flow towards the penis especially for those who suffer while maintaining an erection. The most well-known brands include Viagra, Cialis, Cenforce 100,  Kamagra oral jelly, and Levitra. Viagra the well-known “little blue pill” remains the most well-known. Cialis is a great option due to the fact that it can be used for a long period of time, and one pill can last approximately 36 hours in which you can get an effective erection after being sexually stimulated. Levitra is more effective than Viagra and lasts longer; however, it isn’t as popular as the other medications discussed.

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When will I consult a doctor?

If you’re experiencing occasional difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection, you should not be concerned. Many men struggle with sexual sensitivity at some time in their lives. If you’re constantly struggling to become hard or remain tough, or aren’t as sexually active as you’d like or issues with erections affect your life quality contact your physician to discuss options.

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