Alvitra 20mg (Vardenafil) - 20mg

Alvitra 20mg (Vardenafil) - 20mg

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Erectile dysfunction

The inability to get and maintain a hard adequate erection for intercourse is referred to as erectile dysfunction (impotence). Erection problems aren’t always a cause for alarm. However, if erectile dysfunction is a long-term condition, it can lead to stress, low self-esteem, and interpersonal issues. Problems obtaining or maintaining an erection might be an indication of a more serious underlying health condition, as well as a risk factor for heart disease.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The brain, emotions, hormones, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels all play a role in male sexual desire. An issue with any of these can cause erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused or worsened by stress and mental health issues.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a mix of physical (coronary artery disease; Blood vessels that are clogged (atherosclerosis); Cholesterol levels are high; Blood pressure that is too high) and psychological (anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues; Relationship issues caused by stress, poor communication, or some other issues) factors. Anxiety about sustaining an erection, for example, may be caused by a minor physical problem that slows your sexual response. Erectile dysfunction can be caused or worsened by the worry that results.

Name of the medicine

But there is no need to worry about this as the solution to this is Alvitra 20Alvitra is a medicine that enhances blood flow to the penis and gives a very strong erection, allowing one to have very pleasurable sex for an extended amount of time. All over the world men are utilizing this drug and realizing, to their amazement, that it works for them in treating ED and coping with manly weakness in bed.

Active ingredient

The active ingredient in Alvitra 20 mg tablet is Vardenafil. Vardenafil belongs to the class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. During sexual excitement, it works by boosting blood flow to the. An erection may result from increased blood flow.


Alvitra is manufactured by Alpha Pharmaceuticals and manufactures quality medicines that are based in Faridabad that manufactures antibiotic medicines, anticancer drugs, pharmaceutical tablets, eye drops, and ED Pills. Their focus is on improving the quality of life through innovative and effective doses. Its goods are regarded as among the best on the market, having passed all safety requirements set forth by national pharmaceutical medication regulators.

Working of Alvitra

The drug’s primary goal is to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED), generally known as a lack of erection. It’s also known as a counter-ED medicine because of how it works against ED. The medicine works by increasing blood flow to the erectile areas.

 Alvitra 20mg is taken like any other medication. The only way to take the medicine is to swallow it whole; do not chew, break, or bite the pills.

Along with the pill, only water should be ingested. Taking the medicine with, caffeine-rich beverages, alcoholic beverages, cold drinks, and other beverages will result in unpleasant side effects.

 Alvitra 20mg is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction by raising the penis. The first requirement for a healthy erection is enough blood supply in the penile region. This causes the blood arteries in the penis to dilate, causing the penis to enlarge, resulting in an erection. However, due to many factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol use, high cholesterol levels, stress, and anxiety, the blood vessels of the penis experience a lack of blood during ED. The growth of the blood vessels is not as expected due to a lack of blood. It causes a decrease in erection, robbing a couple of sexual enjoyment.

When Alvitra 20mg enters the body, it lowers blood pressure, improves erectile tissue smoothness, and relaxes pelvic muscles. These alterations have the effect of creating an environment in which blood may easily flow through the penis’ blood veins.


Riociguat is a product that may interact with this medication.

When used with nitrates, vardenafil can induce a significant reduction in blood pressure, which can lead to dizziness, fainting, and, in rare cases, heart attack or stroke. Vardenafil should not be taken with any of the following medications: Certain medications used to treat chest pain/angina (nitrates such as nitro-glycerine, and isosorbide), as well as recreational drugs containing amyl or butyl nitrite (known as “poppers”)

If you’re taking an alpha blocker (such as doxazosin or tamsulosin) to treat an enlarged prostate/BPH or high blood pressure, your blood pressure may drop too low, causing dizziness or fainting. To reduce the risk of low blood pressure, your doctor may begin treatment with a lower dose of vardenafil.


  • One can not consume this medicine if,
  • The patient had a stroke within the last six months
  • Have liver problems.
  • One is dehydrated.
  • One has a painful or persistent erection (priapism).
  • One has active stomach ulcers.
  • One has any eye problems, such as a sudden loss of vision or retinitis pigmentosa.
  • One suffers from low blood pressure or high blood pressure.
  • The patient has any bleeding disorders.
  • One is suffering kidney problems.
  • One had heart failure, angina, chest pains, or a life-threatening abnormal heartbeat in the previous 6 months. It is also not for the person having leukaemia, sickle cell anaemia, or multiple myeloma.
  • Headaches, hazy vision, back pains, stuffy nose, flushing, dizziness, upset stomach, runny nose, and indigestion are some of the side effects of this tablet.

Time to consume and working time

The dosage is determined by several elements, including the immune system, sleep cycle, existing problems, hormonal fluctuations, patient severity, and so on. This makes each patient’s dosage unique while the medicine remains the same. Some people only require 20 mg of the medication, while others require 60 mg.

The best time to take this medication is about an hour before the intercourse. It takes about 30 minutes for the medicine to start working. The effects of the medication can continue for up to 5 hours. It’s critical to remember that one can only take this medication once per 24 hours. One must not consume grape juice or grapefruit while taking this medication unless the doctor has given permission.


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