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What is Avaforce 100mg?

  • Avaforce 100mg is a counter Erectile Dysfunction (ED) tablet that provides men with desired penile erection.
  • Without the desired erection, couples cannot enjoy orgasm which leads to dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, and even separation.
  • But such situations can be avoided if Avaforce 100mg is taken as per the prescription

How To Use Avaforce 100mg

  • Avanafil 100mg is a water-soluble medicine so, swallow the tablets with a glass of water.
  • Take Avaforce 100mg 30 to 40 minutes before sexual stimulation. The tablet will start working only after the body is stimulated.
  • Do not chew, break or disintegrate the tablets as it is not recommended.

How does Avaforce 100mg works?

  • Avaforce 100mg is successful in providing a hard and long-lasting erection to men by supplying a huge amount of blood in the penis.
  • Favorable conditions for swift movement of blood in the penile region are made by reducing blood pressure, releasing tension from pelvic muscles, and smoothening of the erectile tissues.
  • This leads to the rushing of blood into the penis that causes a hard erection. The erection is sustained by inhibiting the functions of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5).

How to take Avaforce 100mg?

  • Avanafil 100mg as it will reduce the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • Avaforce 100mg is a prescription-based tablet therefore it must be taken in strength and dosage given in prescription-only.

Avaforce 100mg Dosage

  • The dosage of Avaforce 100mg is to be given by the doctor. Look into the prescription provided for the exact dosage and only follow that.
  • Dosage is a sensitive matter as it depends on the immune system, food habits, sleep cycle, addictions, mental health, current disorder, medical history, and such aspects of the patients. Hence, it varies from patient to patient.

Is Avaforce 100mg Avanafil safe?

  • Avaforce 100mg Avanafil is fully certified by the FDA, CDCSO, TGA, PMDA, and more than 30 medicine agencies of various countries.
  • By clearing the safety parameters of multiple agencies, it is ensuring much more safety than many of its peers.
  • But the safety of Avaforce 100mg applies till the instructions in the prescription are followed.

Does Avanafil make you bigger?

  • Avanafil makes your penis bigger in size due to the increased flow of blood in the blood vessels of the penis.
  • For better enjoyment, for longer durations, this flow of blood in the blood vessels of the penis is retained by suppressing the functions of PDE5.
  • So, Avanafil not only makes the penis bigger in size but it sustains that greatness for 4 to 5 hours for couples to have more fun.
  • The duration may differ on how accurately you followed the prescription.

Does Avanafil keep you hard after coming?

  • Avanafil, the main ingredient in Avaforce 100mg is responsible for the actions of the medicine.
  • So, one can say that the erection caused due to Avanafil 100mg is actually caused due to Avanafil.
  • Avanafil suppresses the PDE5 in the body which leads to excessive secretion of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate).
  • cGMP is a chemical that is responsible for smoothening the tissues in the penile region to allow blood to flow easily.
  • PDE5 in normal circumstances decomposes cGMP to reduce the erection after ejaculation.
  • But after taking Avanafil due to negligible levels of PDE5, there is no one to stop cGMP which leads to excessive erection even after ejaculation.  


Is Avaforce 100mg Avanafil Too Much?

The strength and dosage of Avaforce 100mg to be taken are given in the prescription. If the doctor has prescribed you 100mg Avanafil then it’s okay for you.

One Erectile Dysfunction patient may need 100mg whereas another patient may need 50mg. This is decided by the doctor with help of the medical expertise.

So, the prescription provided to you is best suitable for your body. So, whether 100mg is too much or not is dependent on the prescription.

When the medicine should not be used?

The medicine must not be taken if he is allergic to Avanafil, the active ingredient.

The medicine must not be used if he is already under the medication of some other Erectile Dysfunction pill. Using more than one ED pill will lead to overdose which will cause side effects.

The medicine must not be used if the patient is suffering from any heart, kidney, or liver disorders.

Where can I purchase Avaforce 100mg Online?

There are basically two methods to purchase Avaforce 100mg, first is to go to the medical store and get the medicines after showing the prescription.

But if you have less time then order from Pillspalace.com and get the tablets at your home. In that case, you need to upload the prescription.

Can I take Avaforce 100mg daily?

You can surely take Avanafil 100mg if the prescription provided to you says so. It all depends on the doctor as to what does he prescribes the patient.

Usually, 1 pill of Avanafil 100mg is taken daily. But this is just an approximation it can be changed by the doctor if he/she feels. You just do one simple thing, keep following the prescription.


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