Careprost Plus Eye Drops - Careprost Plus

Careprost Plus Eye Drops - Careprost Plus

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About Product (Careprost plus eye drops)

The beautiful lashes speak out your personality and add charms. But they require maintenance so that they can glow themselves and enhance your personality. Eventually, women are making themselves shine with Careprost plus eye drops.

The eye drops project out the personality along with multiple benefits. If there is increased eye pressure, falling of eyelashes.

The origination of thicker, denser eyelashes is delivered with Careprost plus eye drops.

Uses of Careprost plus eye drops

Consequently, the usage of Careprost has been witnessed mainly for two conditions are

  • Hypotrichosis (the condition where eyelashes start losing their place)
  • Glaucoma (when there is an increased pressure developed within the eyes).

With the composition of an ophthalmic solution, Careprost help both men and women equally get assisted with their problem. Besides this, another use of this eye drop witnessed is the treatment of eyebrows as well.

A kind Lumigan Eye Drops works quite perfectly and efficiently in the treatment of the above-mentioned problems. The medicine is available in the eye drop and is convenient to place with. But if you are above 18+ then only the dose is recommended to you.

Do not try to harm yourself in case if you are below the concerned age.

Direction to use

Careprost plus eye drops (Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%) works as per the directions mentioned in the packaging. Going beyond those can cause severe to mild damage to the eye and the skin area. Below mentioned are the few steps that need to be taken care of

Reading all instructions

Always advised to read all instructions carefully before using Carerprost.

Check the label of the product

Must ensure that the medicine delivered to you is not old or expired. Using one will cause or disturb your condition even more badly.

Use one drop of Careprost

To the eye which is affected take out the application which comes along with Careprost eye drops. Put one drop of solution and place gently on the upper lid of the eye.

Remove makeup completely

Before using Careprost you must ensure that your face is clean with water. Interaction of Careprost with any other solution will harm the eyes.

Remove the excess eye drop

Immediately remove the excess Careprost (if fallen). If you do not do so then there will be a growth of hairs in the particular area.

How do Careprost plus eye drops work?

Careprost containing Bimatoprost as its active component helps eyelashes to grow. But the required dose is with online. With 100 % accuracy from us, careprost process is followed across 2-3 months continuously.

Using the eye drop before sleeping on a washed face helps eyelashes to grow. The process is where the pressure is increased slowly and gradually lowers. In this manner, it helps lashes hairs to take the shape and grow new.

With this, the new hairs grow much stronger, darker, and also shiner. Along with the condition Glaucoma is also treated where the eye vision becomes strong with time.

Side Effect

No medicine does not come with side effects. So is the case with Careprost plus eye drops, but the condition rises when the patient does not follow the necessary guidelines mentioned. In that way, everything gets disturbed and some unwanted cases rise.


  • Blindness
  • Blurred vision
  • Change in color vision
  • Eye color changes
  • Eye discharge


  • Headache
  • Burning or itching of eyes
  • Redness of the eye
  • Eye swelling
  • Rare
  • Eye pain
  • Infections
  • Dizziness

If any of the above conditions hits your body, then you must immediately seek the doctor’s advice.

Warning & Precautions

The best results are obtained when precautions are taken care of. This is similarly happening at the time using Careprost eye drops.


Until and unless your doctor is not appointing you to use Careprost plus, do not step ahead too.

Contact lens 

If you have been into the habit of wearing lenses must remove them before the use of Careprost.

Health conditions

Often we tend to suffer multiple health hazards. If this is happening to you then try to avoid using it in mild to extreme conditions (heart, kidney, liver, asthma, etc).

Avoidance of children’s

The medicine is not recommended to use with children. Harm may be caused to those below 18 years of age.

At the time of driving

You might feel some dizziness after putting Careprost on your eyes. Driving after using eye drops is not what is recommended.

Interactions with medicines

Some medicines contain components that interact with Careprost. One of on top is nitrates. Interaction of Careprost with nitrates can deliver hazardous results.

All of the above-mentioned warnings & precautions are considered to be taken when using Careprost. This way a good result is obtained.


The storage of the medicine also plays a vital role in delivering the best result. Keeping the bottle at room temperature will work. Careprost eye drop helps to relax the condition of the eyes and make them feel cool.


An overdose is the worst condition that anyone can undergo. On an immediate basis, seeking medical help is what is needed.


Healthcare providers have been recommending Careprost to women for quite a long. The eye drop with its powerful component grows lashes to be thicker, stronger, and denser. Careprost is therefore the best eye drop for regaining back the lost eyelashes hair to the normal one. Use the eye drop for 2-3 months without fail to see the real results.


Q. Can Careprost plus eye drops change the color of my eye?

Careprost can somewhat change the color of the eye to denser and darker. If you accommodate any problem with changes you can seek medical assistance.

Q. Can Careprost plus eye drops cause dry eyes?

The dryness in the eyes can result for some time. This is listed as a mild side-effect, here you must read all instructions of the Careprost eye drop and then use it.

Q. How long does Careprost plus eye drops take to work?

The minimum time required for Careprost takes around 2-3 months. It eventually happens to deliver the best results with denser and stronger eyelashes.


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