Filitra 10mg - Tablet

Filitra 10mg - Tablet

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Vardenafil  is the oral medicine used for the treatment of sexual weakness known as erectile dysfunction. Filitra 10 mg (Vardenafil) therefore helps men to get hard erections. It is of PDE_5 inhibitors which make the smoothing of blood vessels.

In turn, it helps the blood to flow in the right direction and helps in sexual stimulation. Vardenafil is therefore recommended to attain hard erections during sex. It helps spouses to attain the desired sexual course and increases love between them.

How Does Filitra 10 mg work?

Filitra directs its mechanism upon intake after 30 minutes. Yes, the medicine should be consumed when going for sex. In this way, it will reach your body vessels and make them relaxed.

Belonging to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors, the penis will get sufficient erections. Men at this stage can go for long hours to complete their desire.

Tadalafil is the active component that makes the entire process to be in smooth condition.

Uses of Filitra 10 mg

The main benefit of Filitra comes for men to be consumed with water (without or either with a meal). It helps men who are sexually weak to get controlled.

Erectile dysfunction is the main condition that is treated with Filitra. Upon consumption, the sex stimulation works in such a manner that it helps to protect men from weakness.

Hence, Filitra works efficiently for men. Men take it with water and start their performance.


The recommended dosage of Filitra varies from man to man. We all have different requirements and hence you must seek guidance before consumption.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dose is 1 tablet of Filitra before 30 minutes of sex. Do consume it on time to get erections at the time you want to.

Missed Dosage

A missed dose can be a sign of incomplete sex. Hence, you must remember to take Filitra on time.


An overdose will always make you suffer and hence needs to be avoided. You must not consume more than 1 dose a day (when going for sex).


Filitra does come with many contradictions and on top is avoiding taking nitrates.

Some other medicines (which might be your other health condition) need to be kept eye on. You can make the condition controlled by taking the right approach.

Must avoid intake of alcohol, smoke, grapefruit juices, and also drugs.

Seek specialist advice when suffering from extremely weak erections.

Side effects of Filitra 10 mg

  • dizziness
  • hoarseness
  • difficulty breathing

How can I get Filitra 10MG?

Getting Filitra 100mg or other strength is no longer a difficulty. It is easier to sit back home, not stand in long queues, and also make an online purchase. Men at present often feel shy or embracement and to avoid this there has been an ease for men being impotent. 

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Alternative pills of Filitra

Filitra helps to overcome sexual weakness within men. Your condition can be controlled with it. But if you find trouble even upon consumption you can seek the alternative.

Several other oral dose for ED has been approved by FDA. Hence seeking the right one upon diagnosis you can get started.

Interactions Warnings and precautions

  • Some necessary precautions are meant to be followed with Filitra intake.
  • Lessen the consumption of alcohol, smoking, and intake of drugs.
  • You must not eat fatty food and also junk to disturb your health.
  • Should be able to include nuts, fruits, and also green vegetables.
  • Do not immediately take the medicine (it should have a gap of 30 minutes or 1 hour).
  • It can interaction with some drugs (which can be of other health disorders or diseases). Must talk to your doctor to ensure that you will not be affected.


Is Filitra safe for people who suffer from blood pressure? 

Filitra is safe to take when consumed with all of its necessary precautions. But ensure when you have high blood pressure try to avoid the intake of the dose, as it causes dizziness.

Can I drink alcohol with Filitra?

No, you cannot drink any sort of alcohol as it affects the mechanism of Filitra by interacting within your body. You must keep your distance from alcohol, smoke, and drugs.

Filitra Professional and Grapefruit

Filitra is not suggested to be consumed with grapefruit as it can have an impact on the flow of blood. Therefore you must avoid consuming certain food items.

How to store Filitra?

The storage of Filitra should be done within the place where you can only reach it. On the other hand, ensure to keep it in a dry place avoidance of temperature and heat.

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