Prosoma 350mg - Tablet

Prosoma 350mg - Tablet

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What is Prosoma 350mg?

Prosoma 350mg or also known by its name Carisoprodol is a super fast oral tablet for pain relief. The pain occurs due to the stretching of muscles, either due to some injuries that happened in the early days or a long years ago. 

Prosoma 350mg is the best medicine that works against unwanted muscle pain.

A pain killer that has the ingredient Carisoprodol which upon entering the body makes the entire functioning smooth. 

The medicine is used for a short-term cure- controls pain in muscles or discomfort. Specialists recommend using the tablet along with physical therapy, rest, and even other measures. As soon as patients consume the dose it relaxes the muscles of that particular area and gives individuals a sense of relief.

Uses of Prosoma 350mg?

The main use of Prosoma 350mg is defined as the control of pain in muscles. There are no additional symptoms that may be dose-related.

Hence, if you have mild to major pain in your muscles consuming one tablet will make you feel easier. It is therefore called the muscle relaxant which controls uncontrolled movement. 

The majority of the patients who come up with any injuries or sprain are commonly found to consume the tablet.

How to Work Prosoma 350mg tablet?

  • The consumption of dosage is based upon your health- it might be the case you need low or even high. No doubt there is the availability of Prosoma 500
  • Therein there is a need to consult a doctor – get a diagnosis completely and get started to shape your health. 
  • The working starts right after you consume the dose. It rapidly dissolves into the bloodstream making a smooth approach toward pain.
  • The area where pain has occurred is slowly and gradually curbed upon continuing the medicine.

Best Way to Take Prosoma 350mg

  • The intake of medicine is well directed with the package it comes with. This means at first you have to read all the instructions listed within it.
  • But to help you determine simply that Prosoma 500 comes in a tablet so it is preferred to consume it by mouth.
  • Also what your specialist suggests should be preferred on top. This will help you to control your condition faster and also smoother.
  • However, the complete course or the dosage is dependent upon the expert diagnosis. The intake duration is less than 3 weeks- as it can be habit forming so it is advisable not to use the dose more than the requirement.
  • Upon research, it was found that suddenly stopping the medicine can also reduce the unwanted symptoms. 
  • You could find several variants for the treatment of pain, one of those being Aspadol 100.

Missed Dose & Over Dose of Prosoma 350mg

  • Patients shouldn’t share the medicine with others- the dosage they are consuming.
  • Not all are meant to consume the same dose. The medicine is prescribed upon determining the real condition. 
  • Patients can also undergo 2 stages which either have 
  • The missed dose is not part of worries- as it can be consumed when you remind of in an entire day. If you have been asked to consume 2 doses per day then you can skip the first one if the second dose time is near.
  • But do not often repeat the condition if you want to get treated soon. To make a tight schedule you can set a timer or an alarm.
  • Sometimes patients can also try to overdose, but this has caused unwanted side-effects. So must consume only the required amount of dose.

What is The Side Effect of Prosoma 350mg?

Some side effects are reported against Prosoma, but they are mild to major and can be controlled upon taking the necessary actions.

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Allergic reactions
  • Rashes
  • Itching or even swelling
  • Face trouble in breathing

Any patients consuming Prosoma facing the above trouble can come in contact with the concerned specialist.

Warning and Precautions

  • Some underlying warnings or precautions are coming up with Prosoma – and patients have to undertake them.
  • It is first advised to talk to your concerned medical expert so that you do not fall into unwanted trouble.
  • The drug is reported to make you feel drowsy or dizzy. So if you are high in alcohol consumption then do not adopt this practice. 
  • Must tell your doctor what medicines you are consuming or if there are any lineup surgeries or medical appointments. 
  • Women at the time of pregnancy, must confirm whether medicine is suitable to be consumed or not.
  •  Avoid consuming some fatty meals which might interact with the medicine and can cause trouble.

Where to Buy Prosoma 350mg online?

  • Reportedly several pharmacies could help patients obtain Prosoma. But there is a need to have trust and safety concerns. The one can be obtained or delivered by
  • We are an online store where patients can buy their healthcare medicines online.
  • By concerning all safety guidelines we deliver the required amount of dose in different strengths. 
  • Visitors reaching us do not have to be worried about their data, as we have SSL protected website.
  • Hence it is easier to purchase Prosoma along with other variants to get home delivery easily.


Is Prosoma 350mg worth using?

Prosoma 350mg is a muscle relaxant and controls pain occurring in different areas of the body. These are the signs of either injuries or trouble in nerves or muscles.

Can I Take Prosoma 350mg daily?

It is advisable to continue taking Prosoma 350mg for 3 weeks daily. Once you find yourself controlled towards pain you can stop taking medicine.

When should I avoid using Prosoma 350mg?

Multiple conditions are reported where there is a need to avoid taking Prosoma 350mg. This can be either during pregnancy, allergies, injuries, etc.

Is Prosoma 350mg safe to use during pregnancy?

Intake of Prosoma 350mg should be done only after consultation with a doctor. The intake of Prosoma can pass to infants and can be trouble.


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