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About Prosoma 350mg

  • Everyone in their day-to-day lives experiences certain sorts of muscle aches. There could be a variety of reasons.
  • They are also a type of discomfort. All of these could be muscle strains, abuse, or even injury.
  • Therefore, if you have any sort of muscle pain or its relevant discomfort, it can be treated with Prosoma 350.
  • Muscle pain can occur any day and anytime. But there is no longer a need to be a sufferer.
  • This means that muscle pain can be easily treated and relieved with Prosoma 350mg.

What is Prosoma 350mg Carisoprodol?

  • Prosoma 350mg Carisoprodol is an oral medicine for the treatment of pain in muscles. In simple words, if we describe it, then it is a muscle relaxant.
  • On the other hand, it is recommended for people who suffer from muscle pain.
  • Along with this, it can be recommended with short-term treatment (rest, physical therapy, and other treatments).
  • If you are suffering from aches, strains, or any kind of muscle distress, then Prosoma 350mg is easily cured.
  • Prosoma 350 Carisoprodol tablet is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories in India.

How does it work with Prosoma 350?

  • Muscular relaxants such as Prosoma 350 are used to treat pain and suffering caused by strains, sprains, and other types of muscle injuries, in conjunction with rest, physical therapy, and other methods.
  • Prosoma 350 is a medicine that belongs to a class of drugs known as skeletal muscle relaxants. It accomplishes this by working on the brain and neurological system, allowing the muscles to become more relaxed.
  • In around 30 minutes, Prosoma is absorbed and begins to exert its effects, which will continue for about 4 to 6 hours on the body.
  • Both Prosoma and its metabolite meprobamate are eliminated in the urine and can be identified in the urine for many days after the last dosage has been administered.

How to take Prosoma 350 mg?

  • Prosoma 350mg or Prosoma 500 can be taken several times a day. But before taking the dose, you must ensure you consult with a doctor.
  • The medicine can be taken for about 2-3 weeks. If you feel the need to extend the dose further, then, as we stated, you must reach a doctor.

What is the best way to use Prosoma 350 mg?

  • Prosoma 350mg comes in tablets and can be best taken by mouth. Make sure to have ample water so that the tablet can be easily swallowed.
  • To get rid of any kind of muscle pain, distress, or discomfort, then medicine works best.

How long does Prosoma 350 mg take to work?

  • Prosoma 350 mg contains an active component called Carisoprodol. It, after the intake, depresses the activity of the CNS.
  • It helps in calming the effect on the CNS and helps in relaxing towards the pain originating point.

Guidelines about Dosages

  • Before you take any dose, you must consult your doctor first.
  • It is mainly because every medicine has its own action on a different body.
  • It is not necessary to know what medicine others are taking to be effective for you as well.

Overdose of Prosoma 350mg

  • Overdosing of medicine will not help you in any case. Instead, it will expose you to unwelcome risks.
  • This means that if you take Prosoma 350 Carisoprodol, your desired capacity for your CNS may suffer severe damage.

Missed dose of Prosoma 350mg

  • Try to be very particular about the dose you take. Skipping the dose will put you in the worst condition.

Prosoma 350 mg: Side Effects

Serious side effects

  • Seizures
  • Neurological issues
  • Facial flushing
  • Increased heart rate

Common Side Effects

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach discomfort

Posoma 350 Carisoprodol Interactions

  • Interactions between Prosoma medicine may alter the way your medications operate or raise your chance of experiencing major adverse effects.
  • Make a list of everything you use and provide it to your doctor and pharmacist. Do not begin, stop, or modify the dosage of any medications without first obtaining your doctor’s permission.
  • Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking any other products that induce drowsiness, such as opioid pain relievers or cough suppressants, alcohol, marijuana, sleep or anxiety medications, other muscle relaxants, or antihistamines, before taking this medication.
  • Make sure to read the labels on all of your medications since some of them may include substances that induce drowsiness. Ask your pharmacist for advice on how to use these items correctly.

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Severe problems (when to confer with the doctor).

  • All of the above symptoms, whether they are common or serious, can be dangerous. This means these can take place if you have overruled the recommendation step.
  • Here, you must confer with the doctor to know how your condition can be settled. Make sure not to delay in this condition, as it can take you to an even worse state.

How long should I take the dose?

  • The Prosoma 350mg course should be followed for about 3–4 weeks.
  • To get relief from muscle pain and discomfort, take the dose three times a day.

When should Prosoma 350 mg not be used?

  • There is a condition when Prosoma should not be used. These are the ones related to your different health conditions.
  • If you are following an unhealthy lifestyle, or if you have a high blood pressure issue, or in the case of kidney or liver diseases,

Are there other warnings or considerations I need to know about?

  • If you have any sort of respiratory problem, as we stated, a heart issue, or on the other hand, a health concern related to alcohol,
  • Then in all of the above conditions, you must ensure you reach a doctor.
  • Disclosing your entire health history will help the doctor help you with the right cure. Also, in this way, you will be safe and ensure a healthy life.

Why should I buy Prosoma 350 mg from

  • is known as one of the leading online pharmacies. You can ensure your safety and security with us.
  • This means all of our medicines, from pain to other health care, are approved by the FDA.
  • We believe in taking care of your health and not risking it.
  • You can even find out about the relevant doses presented on Pillspalace Pharmacy. so that you can get detailed information about the medicines you are purchasing.

Reviews on Prosoma 350 mg Pills

  • Prosoma 350mg of the dose has been able to give quick relief after its intake. Different muscle pains and discomforts can be treated with medicine.
  • It has helped people across the globe to stay fit and relaxed. However, people loved the medicine, and it was also easy to take.

Prosoma tablet storage information

  • Ensure that this medicine is stored in its original container, securely closed, and away from minors.
  • Store it at room temperature and keep it out of direct sunlight and other sources of heat and moisture.
  • Because many prescription containers aren’t child-resistant, it’s critical to keep them out of the hands of youngsters.
  • For the protection of young children, lock safety caps and store medications in a high, out-of-the-way area, away from their access and sight.

Prosoma tablet Disposal information

  • All prescriptions should be properly disposed of to keep dogs, children, and the general public safe.
  • However, this drug should not be flushed down the bathroom sink or toilet.
  • Instead, a drug take-back program is the most environmentally friendly option for getting rid of old medications.
  • Find out whether your community has a take-back program by contacting your local pharmacy or garbage/recycling agency.


  • Prosoma 350 is the best medicine if you have to cure different muscle pain and discomfort.
  • You can take the dose thrice a day to control your pain and get a sense of relief.


How long should I take Prosoma 350 mg?

You must continue the intake of Prosoma for about 3–4 weeks, thrice a day, to get the best results. If you do not get a satisfactory result, you must consult a doctor.

Is Prosoma effective for musculoskeletal pain?

Prosoma 350mg is effective for the treatment of muscle pain. It can be a strain or sprain as well.

Can I purchase Prosoma online?

Yes, Prosoma 350mg can be easily purchased online along with its other strengths (low to high).

Are there any precautions I have to take with prosoma?

Yes, several precautions need to be taken, like avoiding the dose if you are taking an illegal drug,  if you have a heart problem, kidney or liver issue, etc.

How does Prosoma 350 mg treat muscle pain?

After taking the medication, the nerve pain is relieved by relaxing the muscles.

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    Prosoma tablet work for me. I’ve used them many times and excellent product. Great service by order got on time.

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