What are the five signs of narcolepsy and Find out treatment for narcolepsy ?

What are the five signs of narcolepsy ? and Find out treatment for narcolepsy.

Do you often face difficulty in sleeping or you wake in middle of your tight sleep? Have you ever encountered any such state?

If yes, then did you manage to find out why am I going with such conditions? At times we can come across such issues.

It could be related to our persona, professional and to our health. At times we tend to ignore some of those and later it’s havoc in our lives.

The same is the one condition defined as narcolepsy where an individual face extensive problem within sleep.

Not being able to sleep properly or falling wake in the daytime.

Not able to hold on to concentration or focus.

All of these are the symptoms of various sleep issues. Hence with the right cure, these condition needs to be assisted with.

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Various sleep problems tend to arrive due to many cases. It could be related to excessive stress, anxiety and even depression.

Hence one should control their lives so that proper health and day to day can be achieved.

One of those conditions as we are discussing here is narcolepsy.

What Is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is defined as one of the neurological disorders that most individuals undergo. There is no limit of age and hence be it a young or adult anyone can undergo the problem.

People who trouble themselves with the condition often undergo sleepiness and are unable to wake up during the daytime.

Therefore its treatment with the right medicine namely Artvigil 150 can be taken up into consideration.

Different Types Of Narcolepsy Conditions?

Narcolepsy consists of two types of conditions, which means there are type I and type II.

The type I condition is defined as the case where there is excessive daytime sleepiness. Also, there is a deficiency of chemical substances that rises in the brain. This is known as hypocretin. The main role of the substance is to control sleepiness, promote wakefulness.

Whereas when it comes to type II narcolepsy the condition is characterised by continuous sleepiness and that is without cataplexy.

Risks Factors Associated

As per the research and studies, it has been indicated that the exact condition of narcolepsy is not known.

Perhaps there could be many reasons with which narcolepsy comes. If you fall between the age of 15-25 years you could probably lie in high chances.

If you have any inherited problem, this means in your family someone has undergone narcolepsy.

In case of any infection, brain injury or tumour.

Certain environmental toxins.

There are many causes with which people can affect themselves. This is where if you are under any such case you should undergo all of those.

Reach immediately to specialist to know the right cure for your condition.

5 Major Signs Of Narcolepsy


The condition where there is a sudden loss of muscles tone. When the particular condition takes place then some symptoms raises. This means you can undergo slurred speech and also sometimes body collapse.

One of the major signs that you could sometimes face. In turn, you can ensure yourself that you are connecting with signs of narcolepsy.

Excessive sleepiness in the daytime

Just imagine that you have undergone your full night sleep. This means an individual has to undergo 7-8 hours of sleep.

However, despite getting full-time sleep you are feeling sleeping.

This is the case where you are undergoing problems during day time. Now, this is the call for your alertness.

Also, this makes you not able to perform your daytime task easily.


Hallucinations problem tends to arise in many people. However, this can be the case with you as well.

You can undergo the signs of hallucinations. In this particular condition, you will undergo either during your sleep or even in the daytime.

If you are facing any of these issues or signs then you must reach a doctor to know what is happening with you.

Besides this, you can also take the right mode of treatment.

Paralysis during sleep

If you are not able to move during awakening then this is also one of the signs of narcolepsy. The condition mainly lasts for a few seconds to minutes.

Hence if you have ever come across or you are undergoing it often this is one of the signs of narcolepsy.

Distress while sleeping

Due to unwanted dreams, difficulty in breathing problems tends to arise and also disrupted the movement of the body.

All of these are the signs of disrupted sleep. Hence if you are facing trouble on a continuous basis then there is a problem.

How Can Narcolepsy Be Treated Easier And Efficiently?

In simple words or in general, the condition does have a proper cure. Although with the help of certain medicines, natural methods its signs and symptoms can be reduced.

Perhaps you do have to take care of your condition and reach a doctor. In this case, the specialist will assist you in the right way.

Some lifestyle changes can help you to overcome your condition.

It means you need to limit your caffeine level.

Avoid intake of heavy meals during the daytime.

You must include exercises to your day.

Follow a proper sleep cycle.

Where to buy narcolepsy medicine?

The best way to lower the symptoms of narcolepsy is to go with oral medicines. As other procedures may take time but oral drugs can deliver instant results.

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