How to be more sexually intimate with your wife

How to be More Sexually Intimate with your Wife?

Let’s Know how to more sexually intimate with your wife…

Feeling of intimacy, sexual desires and building love life means you are strengthening your bond. Men and women both in this case need to work together. Here you need to make yourself fit and sensually fit.

One of those parts understands each other. Making love involves the connection between each other.

If it lacks then it becomes difficult to get in lovemaking. Besides this, another condition that can create disturbance is weak sexual life.

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However, adding spice to your life means you need to be sexually involved. But if any one of you is disturbed then it is a problem.

Intimate sex life is very important for men and women. It not only adds spice to your relationship but takes your genetics ahead.

Connecting with the help of a sensual course is a different feeling. It gives you a different experience and makes you feel like to be in heaven.

But despite such a loving condition some men and women find them to be prone to it.

It is mainly because of the weak sexual life symptoms.

How to be More Sexually Fit?

Enjoying a sexual relationship with your partner requires you to be sexually fit. And this is where you can attain hard erections for long.

If you are unable to maintain it then you cannot fulfil your sexual life (Sexually). Due to such weakness among couples, some distance surrounds spouses.

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There is a need for love, sexual intimacy between couples. If this lacks then there can be many disturbances.

It is all about Intimate Sex

An intimacy means there are many encounters of sexual positions between partners. It means spouses make pleasure and gain a satisfying experience.

However, there is no one size of any fit approach. There are plenty of stages that spouses according to their requirements can undergo.

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Intimacy is the part of lovers that make themselves to be satisfied. Also, this allows them to take their family ahead.

At the beginning of the sex, you can feel awkward but slowly and gradually you can begin with a stronger bond.

Hence with this you can easily head towards stronger phase.  And here ED pills do support to help you and withstand the condition.

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Be More Sexually Fit with your Wife

Make sex an art

You need to make sex clear that it is not a science or what you see on online platforms. You should be open up and try it in different forms.

You can at times experience something different that you have never imagined.

Try to touch each other

Try to corporate with your case and touch each other more and more. In this way, you can feel to each other and develop a feeling of intimacy.

But keep in mind that do not touch at the time you are in the middle of sex.

Try to sprinkle your fingers or play with your hands.

Masturbate together 

The step is considered as one of the powerful techniques. You can easily cope up with hard erections.

Also, it helps partners to learn some of the new things from each other.

Add a bit of spice together 

At times spouses are living in another country or state and hence do not come along for sex. Here in this case partners should accompany each other in a different form.

This could be giving guidance about sex to each other.

Anal play

Anal play has more chances to increase sexual intimacy(Sexually) among partners. If you are looking to play with anal then later on you need to go with the lube.

Such a condition can increase your level of intimacy and help to make your bond stronger with your partner.

Tantric sex

Tantric sex is yet another approach that raises the sexual relationship among spouses. It allows the spiritual condition between partners and by removing the touch with hands.

Then you need to be more active towards your sexual life and hence can be easily withstand with.

Do Talk about your likeness

It is very important to discuss what you like and dislike. In this way, you can easily make things settled beforehand.

Also when you are going for sex it is necessary to know about your partner’s requirements. This in turn makes your bond to be stronger and stronger.


There are different healthy ways to get intimate with your partner. There are researches done among spouses and found to be benefitted.

Hence to make your love life more interesting and fun it is necessary to understand that sexual life/Sexually life is important. If you tend to face any difficulty within it then do reach a specialist.

As many ways can easily add spice to your relationship but seeking experts help will make you fit.

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