Alvitra 60 mg (Vardenafil) - 60mg

Alvitra 60 mg (Vardenafil) - 60mg

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For men who deal with sexual disturbance called erectile dysfunction, Alvitra 60mg (Vardenafil) works best for men. The sole medicine for ED is meant for men to fight sexual dysfunction. Vardenafil being as the active component present within the medicine to help men stable with hard erections.

It increases the sexual desire within men at the time of sex. Hence, consuming 1 pill before 30 minutes of sex is highly recommended. Men with impotence (weak erections) can easily increase sex stimulation for long hours.

The increased blood flow causes hard erections which completes the sex.

How Does Alvitra 60mg work?

Alvitra containing Vardenafil easily dissolves in the mouth when taken with water. The medicine is usually taken 1 tablets when needed. The condition when you have to have intercourse during weak erections. Upon the intake of Alvitra it rapidly reaches your body in turn helps vessels to take it shape.

The intake of Alvitra helps to smoothen the flow of blood and make men to be comfortable. The state where weakness can be converted to hard erecting power.

In this manner, Alvitra helps men with weakness to perform strongly in bed. It belonging to PDE-5 inhibitor makes the entire process easier. To pump up the blood and make it reach the penis.

The penis is the area where erections become hard and also helps erections is found to be helpful.

Uses of Alvitra 60mg

Alvitra 60mg does not prevent any form of other diseases which could be HIV or pregnancy. But rather the medicine is effective against erectile dysfunction.

Weakness could be of anything, but a sexual can be disturbing. Hence consuming just one dose of Alvitra 60mgcan be proven to be quite effective.


The dose of Alvitra 60mg, and it could be even high to 100mg as well. Do reach out your concerned specialist and reach out the best for you.

Recommended dosage

Men should not take more than 1 tablet in 24 hour. One tablet helps lead you towards hard erections. In turn, you can enjoy more than 4-6 hours long in bed.

Missed Dosage

A missed dose in the case of ED can be quite disturbing. You take Alvitra 60mg or Alvitra 20mg to cure ED, and if you miss out you can miss all of your fun.


You might face some mild to higher side effects if taken in more quantity. Must ensure not to overdose for enjoyment purposes.


Keeping up safety with other medicines should on high priority. You must consume the required combination of Alvitra solely.

With some medicine and food Alvitra interacted, which later can drop the side effects.

Talking to a doctor here is the prime step that will land you the necessary cure.

Side effects of Alvitra 60mg

  • headache
  • upset stomach
  • heartburn
  • flushing
  • stuffy or runny nose

How can I get Alvitra 60mg?

Alvitra is easily consumed with water and can be purchased online. Men with erectile dysfunction feel shy and embarrassed, but this has faded away with Alvitra.

A generic medicine is available for all men (being impotent) purchase online. The availability of different strengths helps in delivering strong erecting power.

To get Alvitra you must visit an online pharmacy to get the medicine and to save your married life or relationship.

But to give a next thought where to reach to buy Alvitra?

Pillspalace: Your Most Trustworthy Source to Buy Alvitra 60mg in the US

To get all desired ED medicines online with PillsPalace. We are a safe and authentic dealer of ED pills. You can trust our services as all of our medicines are FDA-approved.

Visit us and get assisted with the best services for all generic medicines. Upon selecting the right dose for you make a safe payment online from any corner of the world.

Our service provider will help you to deliver your package within 7-10 business working days. In this way, you do not have to wait to spice your sex life.

Alternative pills of Alvitra

To get the alternative of Alvitra we recommend you to take any ED dose containing Sildenafil Citrate. But you still have some other option containing Tadalafil.

They have exact same mechanism of each other. But eventually not all can suit you or mean for you. It reduces the chances of error or side effects hampering your health.

Interactions Warnings and precautions

You must keep up some necessary warnings associated with Alvitra.

The first comes to quit smoking and alcohol as they damage the blood vessels.

To add some nourishing diet to your daily routine which can be either nuts/fruits/green leafy.

Ensure to exercise on daily basis to manage your weight.

Do choose some natural methods as well on the side by side basis to further control the condition.

Being on treatment with Alvitra which is a suitable medicine for erectile dysfunction can give a proper cure.

Must follow the proper course of intake (Alvitra) 1 tablet before sex and secure hard erections.

Interactions with other drugs

Some medicines might get interacted with Alvitra. One of those is nitrates and hence you should avoid taking the dose.

Either on either case if you want then do reach your concerned doctor.


1. Is Alvitra safe for people who suffer from blood pressure?

Alvitra can increase blood pressure when combined with alcohol. Men who have problem of BP must avoid taking the dose.

2. Can I drink alcohol with Alvitra ?

Highly not recommended to take Alvitra with any sort of alcohol. It can interact you hard and make you feel dizzy.

3. Alvitra Professional and Grapefruit

Alvitra upon consultation is not recommended to take with grapefruit juice. The main reason because it tends to lower blood pressure.

4. How to store Alvitra?

To store Alvitra the best is to keep it in a cool place. Next is where you can only reach your medicine and not any other member of your home.

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