Tadalista CT (Tadalafil) - Price

Tadalista CT (Tadalafil) - Price

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What is Tadalista CT?

Tadalista CT is Tadalista Chewable Tablets which are manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Private Limited. This is a pill made for people who want to chew their medications and this Tadalafil pill can be chewed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Tadalafil CT pills have a quicker onset time and will become active in about 20-30 minutes and stay active in the body for an average of 36 hours.

One pill of Tadalista CT is recommended to be chewed 20-40 minutes before they want its effects so that the Tadalafil has adequate time for its onset. 

How Should a Person Make Use of Tadalista CT pill?

A person who has been prescribed a pill of Tadalista CT pill for improving their erectile functions should consult their doctor regarding the usage of this medicine and follow their instructions.

Generally, a single dose of Tadalista CT pill is to be chewed and the Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitor Tadalafil oral pill will become active in the body and work for 36 hours in inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme in the body.

How to take the Tadalista CT for Successful Results and Safe Effects?

Chew the Tadalista CT pill, and do not eat any heavy meals around the time of chewing the medicine. For the purpose of safety, chew only a single dose of Tadalista CT pill in a span of 48 hours for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.

What are the dosages available for Tadalista CT medicine?

Fortune Healthcare Private Limited manufactures many different dosages of the brand Tadalista, and you will find dosages such as Tadalista 10 mgTadalista 20 mg and Tadalista CT 20 mg the number indicating the strength of the Tadalafil in the pills.

Precautions, Restrictions and Contraindications of Tadalista CT medicine:

Do not drink alcoholic beverages when you are using a pill of Tadalista CT medicine for improving your erectile dysfunction. Firstly, alcohol can worsen the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, as it reacts with the chemical composition of Tadalafil and increases the side effects of this medication.

Men who take pills for hypertension, or angina should avoid the use of Tadalista CT pills to avoid causing severe heart complications and prevent a severe dip in the blood pressure.

How does Tadalista CT work when it comes to the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction?

The Tadalista CT oral pill works just like all the other oral tablets of Tadalafil for the improvement of erectile functions in men.

First, a person needs to chew a pill of Tadalista CT and give it 20-30 minutes for its onset. Once the onset duration passes, the medicine will be in its active stage, inhibiting the PDE5 enzyme in the body as long as this Phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitor medication remains active, which is about 1.5 days.

During these hours, if a man goes through periods of sexual stimulation in any form which is enough to direct the blood flow towards the penile region, then he will be able to have erections. 

This occurs due to the increase in the nitric oxide in the body due to the action of the Tadalafil, which causes expansion of the blood vessels making them wider for better blood flow.

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Side effects of Tadalafil:

Minor side effects:
  • Swollen ankles
  • Blue tinted vision
  • Sneezing spells
  • Nausea
  • Blurry Vision
  • Headache
  • Back Pain
  • Cold
  • Stomach ache
  • Sore throat 
Major Side- effects:
  • Chest Pain
  • Loss of Vision
  • Priapism
  • Low blood pressure
  • Deafness

When Not to Make Use of Tadalista CT medicine for ED Treatment?

If you have been prescribed any other medication which contains a PDE5 inhibiting oral medication in any form, then you must avoid the use of Tadalista CT medicine as the PDE5 inhibiting meds can interact with each other and result can be seen in form of severe side effects.

If you are allergic to Tadalafil or meds from the PDE5 inhibiting oral medication class, then avoid this medicine to prevent suffering from an allergic reaction after the use of this medicine.

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FAQs about Tadalista CT oral Medicine:

’1. Is the medicine brand Tadalista CT FDA approved?‘

’Tadalista CT‘’ is a dose of medicine from the Tadalista brand, which is a product manufactured by Fortune Healthcare, and it is a generic brand of Tadalafil, and generic brands are approved and deemed safe to be used for the treatment by the FDA.

’2. Is Tadalista CT medicine the same or similar to Viagra?‘

u003cbru003eTadalista CT is not the same as Viagra, but it is also a treatment of erectile dysfunction like Viagra. Viagra has Sildenafil citrate, and ‘’Tadalista CT‘’ has Tadalafil oral pill. Both are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and have active ingredients from the same medication class, but both are not the same at all.

’3. How long does Tadalista CT medicine stay active?‘

Tadalafil has a lasting duration of about 36 hours, and hence‘’ ‘’this medicine can stay active for the same number of hours.

’4. Is Tadalista CT safe for ED Treatment?‘

Yes, Tadalista CT is a safe pill, and doctors often recommend it for the treatment of erectile dysfunction men have reported that it works well without any severe side effects for most people.

’5. Which medicine is better: Tadalista CT or Viagra?‘

Both medicines can treat erectile dysfunction, and both are the same and effective in their results. Viagra lasts for 4 hours, but Tadalista CT lasts for about 36 hours, and It is much cheaper than Viagra, so it is up to the user and their doctor to decide which one of them is better for them.

’6. Is it safe for me to take more than one dose of Tadalista CT for better erectile performance?‘

No, it is never safe to take more than the recommended dosage of any medicine without consulting your doctor. Hence you should not take more than one dose of the Tadalista CT pill to avoid Tadalafil overdose.


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