PDE-5 hormone

What food items contain PDE-5 hormone inhibitors?

In this article, we are going to give you a complete analysis of how to use PDE-5 hormone inhibitors and what is its use. we will also finally conclude with a list of some natural food items that contain this hormone or similar substances.

So let’s begin…

What is the PDE-5 hormone?

  • First, you need to know about what the PDE-5 hormones do. This will give you a good idea of the later stages where we will take up and discuss further complex things.
  • PDE-5 hormones are a type of hormone which enables you to control the blood flow supply through blood vessels.
  • This hormone is ever-present in the arteries and blood vessels. It works to avoid faster blood flow or reverse blood flow through the arteries.
  • During this hormone’s presence, you will not have to suffer from a sudden abnormality of a high blood flow through the penis arteries and capillaries.

What is the objective of PDE-5 hormone inhibitors?

  • Now once you have got an idea of what the PDE-5 hormones are let us get to know about what the PDE-5 hormone inhibitors are.
  • Well, as the name will suggest it is a type of agent which could be a hormone or a substance that will negate the work of the PDE-5 hormones.
  • anyone will use a PDE-5 hormone agent for increasing the blood flow supply.
  •  In the rest of this article, we will take up the male erectile cause and a disorder named ED which is a male sexual disorder that inhibits the male patient from having an erection.
  • ED or erectile dysfunction is a penis erection problem and the primary reason for this is the poor blood flow. If you are suffering from ED issue then you should order Cenforce 100.
  • Thus most of the curative means for ED such as the use of medicines like Viagra and Cialis will have a PDE-5 hormone inhibiting agent inside of them that allows you to negate the presence and action of the PDE-5 hormones.
  • this in turn will let you have a hard erection due to a higher blood flow supply in the penis tissues.

How may you get an erection by way of inhibition of the PDE-5 hormones?

  • Once the PDE-5 hormones are inhibited you will have an increase in the concentration levels of the hormone that is cGMP hormone.
  • Later on, cGMP will activate a higher blood flow supply through the penis tissues due to the presence of nitric oxide which is the main agent known as the vasodilating agent.
  • This will let blood flow supply to the penis tissues rise higher and thus increase your penis sensitivity.
  • When you touch the penis and stimulate it you will have a hard erection.

Do any food items have any PDE-5 hormone inhibiting qualities?

  • Yes, after a lot of research done in this field it seems that scientists have come up with some natural food items that will work exactly similar to a PDE-5 hormone inhibitor.
  • It seems that food items that we have mentioned below will have PDE-5 hormone inhibiting qualities along with an increase in the levels of nitric oxide which is the main vasodilation causing the agent to increase the flow of blood.
  • Thus when you have them in your diet if you are suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction could be largely beneficial and help you in having for sex drive.
  • Remember that when you consult a doctor or a personal nutritionist they may prescribe you to use such food items and to include them in your diet.

Food items that behave like a pde-5 hormone inhibitor

As we told you above that some natural food items seem to have compounds or substances in them that would mimic the actions of the PDE-5 hormones.


  • This summertime fruit is having a substance called L-citrulline in it. L-citrulline will have properties that exhibit exactly mimic the actions of Viagra.
  • And that is to increase the blood flow throughout your body. Actually, according to the reports that have been collected through numerous research, it shows that L-citrulline will increase the efficacy of nitric oxide which is the main vasodilation agent.


  • Oatmeal is another one of these food items that seem to partially have similar actions to those of PDE-5 hormone inhibiting substances.
  • This food item will have a substance called L-arginine in it that will help in the easing or relaxation of the arteries and blood vessels.
  • As the blood vessels become relaxed their blood flow amounts through them will increase.


  • Pistachios from the nut family seem to have properties in them that may just help increase blood flow through the arteries.
  • When you are suffering from ED disorder it is preferably mentioned for you to have nuts like pistachios. know about some successful ED cure.

Pomegranate juice

  • Pomegranate is one of those fruit items which can again work similarly to the PDE-05 hormone inhibitors to increase the flow of blood through the arteries and blood vessels.
  • This occurs due to the presence of substances in the fruit item that will increase the secretion of nitric oxide. you can visit pillspalace for more ED medicine.




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