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Top 9 tips regarding how to relax during sex

Let’s know the tips regarding how to relax during sex…

Are you a sex lover who has had a lot of fun and lost your mind? Or you get distracted from sex that will be responsible for disconnection of your body? Even though you may seem to be just going through the motions you are not really connecting with your partner or the emotions you feel. You’ll often end up frustrated, disappointed in sex, or having a difficult time getting an orgasm. There is no direct and fast solution for this type of solution. However, it is possible to slowly build tools and habits that will help you relax during sex.

What causes sexual anxiety?

Sexual performance anxiety can be defined as the fear of not measuring up in sex. This anxiety can not only affect your mental health but also have a negative impact on your physical well-being and, let’s be honest, the quality of your life.

The most worrying thing about sexual anxiety is the fact that it can cause orgasm problems and lead to so-so sexual intercourse.

There may be many reasons you experience sexual performance anxiety.  These are considered as most common concerns related to anxiety. These concerns could include.

•          Can I get an erection?

•          Do I need to ejaculate too quickly?

•          Is my partner attracted to me?

•          Is my penis large enough?

•          What pleasure will my partner feel?

•          My partner will orgasm me?

Negative body image can cause anxiety and sexual performance anxiety among men. In men, sexual performance anxiety can be caused by watching porn.  It can lead to feelings of inadequacy when real life experiences are compared with those in porn.

1. Get a Contract & Relax

Due to contraction of all muscles for a few seconds, it will because you disconnected from your body. For muscles to contract, you must focus on each muscle and not just the one that you are controlling.

It is possible to feel deep relaxation when the muscles are let go and you return back to the present moment.  Muscles contraction will be responsible for improving your relaxation.

2. Go for a short break

If you feel the need to just take a minute to meditate or have a talk with your partner, it is okay! Although some people fear that they will ruin the mood the fact is that it is already ruined for them if they aren’t fully tuned in to their bodies.

If they don’t want your presence and enjoyment, never see them again.

3. Sexual mindfulness

You can return to your body and relax by paying attention to the sensations within your body. 

It is better to think about your body and scan it from head to toe thoroughly. Imagine how each part of your body feels. Let the touch of your partner reverberate in your body and register it.

Your heartbeat is what you should be focusing on. Give vivid descriptions and adjectives to the sensations and body you are feeling. Describe the sensations you feel as hot, cold, dry, and rough.

4. Therapy treatment

Both cognitive behavioural therapy and sex therapy are commonly used to treat sexual performance anxieties. Therapy is all about discussion related to anxiety and techniques development how to deal with it.

CBT is based upon the belief that psychological issues are partly caused by unhelpful thinking and behaviour. CBT teaches people how to recognize and solve problems.

You can attend sex therapy individually or in a couple. A sex therapist who is specializing in sex therapy might start by asking about the client’s sexual history and sex education.

5. Communicate with your partner

It’s completely okay to let your partner knows if you start drifting. It’s actually recommended.

Let them know that it’s difficult to tune in. Then ask them for their patience and guidance as you try to reconnect.

Your disconnection does not reflect their lovemaking abilities or your strength as a couple but is simply a result of living in a fast-paced world.

6. Do not focus on your genitals

We tend to be very focused on our genitals in partnered sex because that is where the main show is.

Sex is an activity that involves your entire body, so it’s sometimes necessary to pay more attention to other parts to connect to what’s down below. Take the pressure off of your genitals.

7. Get into a tight position and then let go.

Tenting all of your muscles will connect you to your whole body and set the stage for relaxation.

After you have tightened all your muscles, relax! Elena explained that it is very difficult to relax on its own.

You can set the stage for relaxation by tightening your muscles. It’s easier than simply saying, “Brain!” Relax your body!

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8. Concentrate on your breathing

Focusing on your breath is a great way to connect with your body. There is requirement of attention on the pattern of your breathe in and out.

Focusing on your breath will help you reconnect with an essential part of your body’s functioning.

This can be used in getting rid of distracting thoughts by getting back to the reality of yourself.

9. Take a break and be ok with it

You are free to talk to your partner or take a moment to breathe. People worry about ruining the mood but the truth is that your mood will be already ruined if you aren’t tuned in to what is happening inside of you.

If you don’t feel connected to your body, a good partner will be able to understand. You shouldn’t be there and enjoying the moment. Do not see them again.

Use ED medications that may help to stay harder

You may need medication if your inability to relax during sex has caused ED. Cenforce 100 mg or Fildena 100 mg can be prescribed for you to provide a healthy and smooth erection.

ED medications Super P Force work by increasing blood flow and opening blood vessels. Your doctor will let you help in determining whether your sexual performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction stop you from having sex.

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